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Welcome to CCECC Art


I aim to create meaningful lessons with demonstrations, active participation, a variety of artistic mediums and clearly stated objectives following District, State, and National Standards. My focus is to encourage each individual student to develop their own ideas and emotions and find a connection through art in their community, nation and world.

My students are introduced to as many different mediums, artists, and art periods as possible. They learn how to work with everything from tempera and watercolor paints to air dry and kiln fired clay and glazes. They take a look at everything from Prehistoric Cave Art to the Contemporary Art of today.

Throughout the learning process students are able to recognize Art periods, Art styles, and specific artists and works of Art. Students explore Art criticism through describing, analyzing, interpreting and making decisions about their own work and that of others. Art lessons include interdisciplinary and multicultural connections. My aim is to facilitate the development of learning to understand, appreciate and create works of Art.