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Coal City Preschool Diagnostic Team

The Preschool Diagnostic Team consists of a school psychologist, social worker, speech/language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, nurse, building principal, and the Director of Special Populations.  The diagnostic specialists conduct early learning screenings, review data, conduct evaluations, and provide referrals for resources for children ages 3-5.  Determinations regarding eligibility for various preschool programs within the district are also made by this team. 

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Resources coming soon
Gross Motor Skills:
Gross motor skills refer to the control of the larger muscles of the body and influence posture, balance, and mobility.  Preschoolers develop gross motor skills by running, jumping, climbing, throwing, catching, and learning to play games.  Development of control over their bodies helps preschoolers develop an understanding of how they relate to their environments.   
Fine Motor Skills:
Fine motor skills refer to the control of the small muscles of the hands for grasp, manipulation, and tool use.  Preschoolers use their hands to explore their world and develop and understanding of how they relate to the objects in their environments.  Play is the most important way children develop their fine motor skills!
Preschoolers are developing independence in a variety of self-help skills related to dressing, feeding, hygiene, and simple chores around the house.