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Jen Swanson, Occupational Therapist

Greetings!  I am Jen Swanson, occupational therapist for Coal City School District.   
I have worked as an occupational therapist for seventeen years, fifteen of which I have spent with the students in Coal City.  As an occupational therapist, I work with children to develop the skills they need to be as independent as possible in the jobs they have in their daily life, with a specific focus on their occupations at school. 
I currently evaluate and provide treatment at the Early Childhood Center as well as the Intermediate School and High School.  I provide consultation for educational teams throughout the district and am a member of the Preschool Diagnostic Team at the Early Childhood Center.
I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Missouri-Columbia and my Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy, focused in pediatric neurology from the University of Indianapolis.  In addition to loving my work with the students and staff in Coal City, I enjoy teaching fitness, practicing yoga, traveling, and watching my kids swim and play baseball. 
Please contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of help to you and your students in any way!  
Coal City Library presents Sensory Saturdays!
Did you know that your local library is offering storytime programming designed for children with specialized needs related to sensory processing?  Thanks to a grant obtained by the library, their programming this fall includes use of sensory equipment to support all learners and will include time to explore in sensory safe environment.  Registration is required.  If you are interested, please call 815-634-4552 to register.  The first Sensory Saturday is coming up on September 7th.
Shopping for children can be difficult at the holidays for many reasons.  Below you will find a gift giving guide that lists different types of presents to consider that provide children the opportunity to develop their sensory motor skills through play.  Check it out!
Play is the key....
The primary occupation of children is play.  Through play, children learn language, explore their environment, and begin to understand how they impact their surroundings.  In school, our children have many occupations, but it is essential to remember the value of play in promoting academic and social emotional growth. 
Learning through play is important!
Christina, the OT who writes one of my favorite blogs, posted this great information about games that help improve pencil grip.  Check out the full article at the OT Toolbox!
Add these games to improve pencil grasp to occupational therapy activities that help with fine motor skills and the skills needed for better handwriting and pencil grasp in kids.
Did you know that overpacking or wearing a backpack incorrectly can negatively impact a student's health and performance at school?  First, purchase a good backpack for you child.  Here are some tips:
Then check out this handout from the AOTA regarding the basics for safe backpack wearing.
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