Fun Week in Preschool

Our preschool program offers a morning and afternoon session with each classroom having a full-time certified teacher and a full-time classroom assistant. We offer preschool screenings throughout the school year for students to attend. Students must be 3 years old and qualify to attend our preschool program. If you are interested in signing up for a screening appointment, please call the ECC office at 815-634-5042. 

This week in Preschool, the students have been working on everything to do with shapes and colors! Preschool students learn about Mat Man and all the different shapes and lines it takes to make him. Learning about Mat Man helps students develop early readiness skills including size recognition, placement, and sequencing skills needed to begin to learn handwriting. Mat Man looks a little different this school year as he is wearing a mask just like all of our friends at school! 

Mrs. Melvin, our school librarian, has also been recording “Virtual Library”  sessions each week. This week, preschool students listened to a story about mixing colors. The color Mixed: A Colorful Story is about the colors red, yellow, and blue thinking they are the best. A yellow, blue, and never-before-seen color just might save the day!! After viewing the “Virtual Library,” students worked on mixing colors to see what would happen.